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Serving Wood, Wirt, Ritchie, Roane, Calhoun, Pleasants, Tyler, Wetzel and Jackson Counties, West Virginia
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    1014 Volcano Road
    Waverly, WV 26184
    (304) 679-3639
    fax: (304) 679-3049

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    Little Kanahwa RC&D Mini Grants 

    The Little Kanawha RC&D has approved and funded the 2009 Mini Grant Application on December 10, 2009.   

    Cabot Recycling Station

    Calhoun County

    $  600

    Park Building Construction

    Calhoun County


    Park Pond RenovationCalhoun County$1,000

    Cow Creek Watershed Association

    Pleasants County



    North Bend Rail Trail Gate Replacement 

    Ritchie County

    $  500

    Cairo Historical Walking Tour SignageRitchie County$  500
    Ritchie County 4-H CampRitchie County$1,400

    North Bend Lake Trail Project

    Ritchie County 


    Alma Senior Quilting RoomTyler County$  750

    Senior Center Facilities Upgrade

    Tyler County


    Camp Kootaga First Aid FacilityWirt County$1,500

    Paden City Park/Pool Upgrade 

    Wetzel County



    WV Envirothon

    State Wide

    $  200

    WV Grassland Evaluation ContestState Wide$  200






    Support Personnel

    Little Kanawha RC&D Coordinator:
    Norm Bailey

    Administrative Assistant:
    D.J. Allen

    Warehouse Manager:
    Kelly Sweeney

    2009 Officers
    Little Kanawha RC&D

    Carroll Cumberledge, President

    James Ash, Vice President

    Shirley Michael, Secretary

    Freddie Fields, Treasurer

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