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    Lost Federal Funding

    On April 14, 2011, US Congress elimated federal funding for the RC&D Program.  This has a significant impact on the all Councils.  This funding was used for adimistrative support and the coordinator of the RC&D Program.  The Little Kanawha RC&D is determined to continue operations despite lack of federal support. 

    D.J. Allen, Acting Coordinator

    The Little Kanawha RC&D Council voted on April 14, 2001 to name D.J. Allen, Acting Coordinator.   This is as a result of losing federal funding and Coordinator, Norm Bailey. 

    October 2010 News

    The Little Kanawha RC&D awarded the 2010 Mini Grant at their October meeting.  They also released the 2011 Mini Grant Applications.  The next LKRC&D meeting will be December 15, 2010 at Mountwood Park in Wood County. 

    Governor Joe Manchin presented the Little Kanawha RC&D and the Williamstown Women's Club a $40,000 DOH Recreation Trails Grant.  Theses funds will be used for Phase II of the Williamstown Wetland Trail Project in Wood County. 

    The Council also tentative set their meeting dates for 2011.

    June 10, 2011

    August 12, 2011

    October 14, 2011

    June 2010 News

    The Little Kanawha RC&D Council has employed Norma Collins as the new Project Sharing Warehouse Manager.  She will be a great asset to the program.  We will also miss Kelly Sweeney and wish her luck in her new endevors at the USDA Farm Service Agency. 

    The Council will also be hosting their annual summer picnic at Tomlinson Park in Williamstown.   Everyone is welcome to bring a covered dish and fellowship with Council members and their families.  Following lunch, we will be touring the new Williamstown Wetland Trail. 

    May 2010 News

    The Little Kanawha RC&D Council has employed Perry and Associates to conduct an annual external audit.  They will be reviewing the financial statements and conducting a cash proof and providing recommendations for improvements.  The Council also has an internal audit committee that reviews the financials and procedures to ensure checks and balances are in place and working. 

    April 2010 News

    The Council and the WV Citizens Conservation Corps (WVCCC) constructed and installed benches at Emerson Elementary School in Parkersburg, WV.  The materials were purchased by the Emerson PTA, built by WVCCC and installed by the WVCCC and volunteers.   Thanks to all that helped. 
    Work at the Williamstown Wetland Enhancement Project is going great.  Volunteers from the community, Boy Scouts, Williamstown Women's Club, WVCCC, WV Deparment of Natural Resources, US Fish and Wildlife, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Little Kanawha RC&D work on Saturday to plant trees and shrubs in the wetland.  Volunteers also installed bird houses and bat boxes.   Thanks to all the volunteers for coming out on a Saturday and thanks to da Vinci Italian Restaurant for serving all the volunteers lunch.  To see pictures, go to the News and Sentinel CU Galleries.  

    March 2010 News

    The 2010 Mini Grant applications were reviewed by committee and approved pending funding.  The WV State Conservation Committee supports the RC&D and we will know more about funding when the WV Legislature completes their work.  Mini grants recommended for funding. 

    December 2009 News

    Floyd Hodge was named Council Member of the Year for his hard work and dedication as a Council Member.

    Jerry Waybright was honored with the Willis Ridenour Special Acheivement Award for his efforts and support of the Council. 

    August 2009 News

    Governor Joe Manchin announced on August 11, 2009 that the Little Kanawha RC&D will be receiving $40,000 for Phase III of the North Bend Lake Trail.  Also, Mountwood Park will be receiving funding for their new equestrian trail. 

    Also, Little Kanawha RC&D received notification to proceed with the construction of the new Williamstown Wetland Trail.  Work on this trail should begin in 60 days.  This project is sponsored by the Williamstown Womens Club and the LKRC&D. 

    June 24, 2009 Meeting News

    The Little Kanawha RC&D Council has recently reviewed and approved policies on Conflict of Interest, Open Meetings and Whistle Blowers.  The Council is planning to review the Council's by-Laws and other policies at the next meeting. 


    Also, the Council reviewed their policy on the Mini Grant Program and decided to change the maximum allowed for a mini-grant to $2,000 for 2010. 


    Wood County Resident Recognized in Washington D.C.
    Jeff Westfall, Supervisor with the West Virginia Citizen Conservation Corp was recognized for his efforts in the construction of the North Bend Lake Trail in Ritchie County, WV.  Jeff's performance on the trail development has lead him to be recognized by a National Awards presented by Congress Nick Rahall.  The presentation was given on June 10, 2009 on Capitol Hill.  Congratulations to Jeff Westfall. 
    Jeff Westfall
    North Bend Lake Trail receives funding.
    Little Kanawha RC&D receives $40,000 grant funding for work on the North Bend Lake Trail in Rithcie County.  This funding will be used to install an additional 8 miles of trail around the lake.  The federal funding represents a maximum of 80 percent of the total projecct cost.  The Recreational Trails Program grants are administrater by the WV Division of Highways.  Work on this section of trail should start in the summer of 2010. 
    North Bend Lake Trail receives funding
    Ronnie with Governor Manchin



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