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Serving Wood, Wirt, Ritchie, Roane, Calhoun, Pleasants, Tyler, Wetzel and Jackson Counties, West Virginia
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Project Sharing Frequently Asked Questions

How does Project Sharing work?

Project Sharing is designed to assist non-profit organizations and Title I schools in caring for underprivileged families in our region. The program can provide food, clothing, school supplies, computer equipment, building supplies, hygiene products and much more.

To become a participating organization, fill out an application and wish list and either, bring it to the warehouse or mail it to our office. Once you receive an e-mail regarding the current inventory, this means that your application has been processed. You are now welcome to come and pick up items from the warehouse. You will also receive membership cards with an account number for your organization. These cards are only distributed at the warehouse on pick up days.

What is an average donation?

The average donation for Project Sharing is $25 per visit and $300 per year. This varies depending on the amount of products a group picks up.

Where do you get your products?

Little Kanawha RC&D is a member of various philanthropic partnerships. We pay membership dues to these organization who in turn coordinator the donation of goods and services to us. We periodically receive shipments from these national programs. We also have partnerships with local retail stores and we do weekly pickups of donated products.

What are donations used for?

All donations stay with the Project Sharing Program. They are used to pay for shipping and handling of products, pickup cost, warehouse maintenance and supplies. Currently a grant for the Sisters of St. Joseph’s helps with the cost of the warehouse manager. All other labor at the warehouse is volunteer labor.

Who are the volunteers?

The majority of the volunteers are Little Kanawha RC&D Council members and their spouses. Routinely volunteering at the warehouse is Freddie and Elsie Fields, Floyd Hodge, Paul Janes, Carroll Cumberledge and Jim Ash. Other volunteers are Randy Shepard, Lori Kist, and Norma Collins.

Can I sell the products and use the money to support charitable programs?

NO! All products are to be given to those that need them. At no point can ANY product be sold.

Can I volunteer?

Due to a great LKRC&D council and Conservation District members, Project Sharing has an excellent amount of volunteers. Making sure that the products that are picked up at the warehouse get to those in the community that need them is the most important part of Project Sharing. Working with your organization to get the products to those in need is the hardest part. We appreciate all those that work so hard to deliver the items from the warehouse.


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